5: The Marketisation of Higher Education

Resources, competition, quality: these are some of the concerns behind the increasing capitalisation within societies, not only in South Africa, but throughout the world.

Join Professor Salim Vally and The Academic Citizen as we delve into the problems of the marketisation of higher education.

Read Salim’s journal article titled ‘Higher Education: Market Mill or Public Good?’ and other scholarly papers here.

Photo by John Walker 

4 responses to “5: The Marketisation of Higher Education”

  1. David Fraser Brown Avatar
    David Fraser Brown

    Enjoyed listening to Salim I did a large project on this is SA in 1999 and published an aricle called he Tinkle of Tertiary Tills in a publication called the Social Indicator. The entire process has been framed for some time. The organisaton of the academic voice h
    as been missing. Your project is a valuable contribution to ending that. This debate has resurfaced in the UK too where the corparate model has been dominant for some time very clear statement of being returned to the status of a public institution has been made by Aberdeen University academics in Scotland. Social interests have to support this process of a public sphere redeveloping. Its a very big mission. This has been with us for 25 years of South Africa’s transition and now the long predicted demographic crisis has come. Corporate profit orienated institutions cannot provide an meet social need.

    David Brown ex UKZN academic


    1. The Academic Citizen Avatar
      The Academic Citizen

      Thanks for listening, Dr Brown and thanks for your comment. Your article sounds incredibly interesting, but a Google search yielded very little information. If possible, could you please assist with helping us track it down?

      As you say, this is a very big mission! We hope continued conversation assists with turning the situation around.


      1. David Fraser Brown Avatar
        David Fraser Brown

        Sabinet | The tinkle of tertiary tills: private Universities for South Africa?
        by D Brown – ‎1998 – ‎Cited by 1 – ‎Related articles
        1 Jan 1998 – oa Indicator South Africa – The tinkle of tertiary tills: private Universities for … system, Private univrsities, Tertiary education and Tertiary system.


  2. David Fraser Brown Avatar
    David Fraser Brown



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