6: Protest Action on University Campuses

Dr Prishani Naidoo joins The Academic Citizen to discuss the politics of protest action within the context of university campuses in South Africa.

The conversation centres around the university as a microcosm of society and the legitimacy of violent and non-violent forms of protest.

The Academic Citizen also gains insight into students’ perspectives on protest action and how it impacts their experiences at university.

Photo by Tony Carr


2 responses to “6: Protest Action on University Campuses”

  1. […] via 6: Protest Action on University Campuses — A podcast about critical issues in higher education. […]


    1. The Academic Citizen Avatar
      The Academic Citizen

      Hi there! Thanks a lot for the Pingback. It’s great to see that you have kept up with developments that are unfolding in South Africa.

      Good luck with the PhD! You might be interested in our latest episode as well 🙂


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