14: HE and Unemployment – A View from Nigeria

Misan Rewane, the Director of Lagos-based organisation, West Africa Vocational Education (WAVE), joins this week’s episode.

We reflect on higher education in Nigeria and explore the merits of ‘vocational education’ as a tool for unemployed youths to gain skills and improve their access to steady employment.

We also get some student opinions on whether a vocational or academic education is more relevant for African youths today.

Read about Misan’s work by visiting the links below:

Photo by Rajmund Dabrowski

2 responses to “14: HE and Unemployment – A View from Nigeria”

  1. because we don’t have a maney


    1. The Academic Citizen Avatar
      The Academic Citizen

      Thanks for your comment, Bulelwa. Unfortunately, funding is one of the biggest problems faced by youths in Africa. Let’s continue the conversation about how we can use education to make a change.


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