19: Precarious Postdocs

Dr Sadhna Mathura and Dr Jacobus Diener join The Academic Citizen to discuss concerns of postdoctoral researchers in South Africa. They are representatives of the newly established South African National Postdoc Network, which is working to promote the interests of postdocs. Diener and Mathura shed light on postdocs’ numerous contributions to higher education in South Africa, including teaching and research, and their many concerns relating to remuneration, conditions of employment, grievance procedures and relationships with host institutions.

We also chat to some students about their understanding of postdocs and how postdocs can be better supported by universities.

As of 2014, Postdoctoral Fellows hosted by the University of the Witwatersrand are permitted to join the Academic Staff Association of Wits University (ASAWU) as full members. Click here for a full report on the status of Postdocs at Wits.

Photo credit: NandyPhotos

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