29: Decarbonising Universities

Prof Vishwas Satgar discusses the importance of increasing awareness about environmental issues and transforming energy and renewable energy policy.

In this week’s episode, Prof Satgar reflects on the current state of multilateral efforts towards climate justice and how this relates to socio-economic disparities, particularly in developing countries like South Africa.

Some ways in which university stakeholders can contribute to solving climate issues relate to establishing zero-waste societies, divesting from anti-climate justice businesses and using resources in a more sustainable manner.

We also chat to some students about their views of climate justice and why it is important for universities to become more environmentally-conscious.

Download the May 2016 Joint Memorandum to Wits University in support of Zero Hunger and Zero Carbon Emissions.

Follow the links below to read more about Satgar’s views on climate justice:

Students, protest in a way that doesn’t endanger your or your university’s future

The climate is ripe for social change

If Zuma cast himself as a climate emergency president and statesman, this is what he would say

Photo credit: Paco S

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