34: Women in Science


Photo Cred: Suvan Chowdhury

Women scientists have a critical role to play in Africa’s development. They have made significant strides in Science making incredible progress across the continent. Yet, despite this advancement, the reality remains that many countries are simply not equipped, or prepared, to accommodate this growth.

In a 2016 Unicef funded study looking into, “Women in science in Africa”,  found that women remain heavily underrepresented. Africa is a vast continent of diverse cultures and traditions, which in turn bring unique challenges, complex policies and practises that inhibit women compared to their male counterparts, yet despite these factors women continue to overcome the barriers and obstacles.

In this particular episode, Dr Nosipho Mngomezulu celebrates one such woman.  Dr Nicole de Wet a population studies expert who has been working on the demographic and socioeconomic determinants of adolescent health outcomes in South Africa. She is the first runner-up award in the 2016 Distinguished Young Women in Science category for the Humanities and Social.

Produced by: Simba Honde


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