35: Student Resistance in India

Biswarup Ganguly

Photo Cred: Biswarup Ganguly

The fight for access to public universities is also taking place in India, where much unrest and protest has been experienced in its universities. At the root of the protests in India, despite student unions being banned in a majority of colleges and universities, is an unprecedented mobilization against discrimination in higher education because of economic status or gender.

In this episode, Dr Mehita Iqani had a discussion with Jigisha Bhattacharya, a postgraduate student at Jawaharlal University about the issues facing university students in India. Join us to gain further insight into the reasons for the ongoing protests in India. Globally, the top-down model of a university driven by history and by external funding, particularly government funding, is shifting, as fiscal resources diminish. This leads to concerns about rights, access and economics. These challenges are being experienced, and resisted, around the world.

Researched, edited, scheduled and produced by:

Simbarashe Honde


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