49: In Conversation with SA’s Youngest Dean

Thabo Msibi Word Press

Prof Thabo Msibi, is South Africa’s youngest Dean and Head of School at the University of KwaZulu Natal. Kholeka Shange caught up with him and they spoke at length on various themes ranging from transformation in Higher Education, mentorship, issues of gender and sexuality, and African scholarship.

In the interview, Prof Msibi cautions against creating a narrative which implies that young academics are completely disempowered. Msibi says his achievements are proof that if given equal opportunities, young academics have much to offer in academia and can excel.


  • Msibi T (2016, forthcoming). Hidden Sexualities of South African Teachers. New York: Routledge.

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Simbarashe Honde

One response to “49: In Conversation with SA’s Youngest Dean”

  1. Prof Thabo Msibi has said correctly about everything and it is also true that young academics are completely dis empowered. As sexuality is also a big issue to talk about.


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