53: Decolonizing Science

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Photo Cred: Ilya Pavlov

In South Africa there has been a growing sentiment by student movements that education, including the sciences must become “decolonized”. But can science be realistically decolonized?

In today’s episode, Kholeka Shange chats to a scientist, Ntombifikile Phaliso and they engage on the above question and more. Phaliso’s focus and responsibilities are the overall scientific curation. 45% of her time is dedicated to research within a group which involves systematic and conservation research. Sourcing external funds, collaborations, scientific compilation, fieldwork and mentorship are also key parts of her job. For her Master in Science degree at Rhodes University, her thesis was on the, “Systematic Study of Berkheya and allies (compositae).

If you like this, you might be interested in episode 41, Africanizing Scientific Research.

Researched, Edited, Produced and Scheduled by

Simbarashe Honde

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