57. Green

​C​olour symbolises the beginning​, middle ​and the end of a journey. ​It can represent​the importance of a cause but ​simultaneously representing un​due competition that ruins the heart and soul of a thriving ​academic ​environment.​ ​ In this episode,​ along with our three academic citizens, ​we explore the symbolism of the colour green through three lenses: the importance of indigenous knowledge, the relationship between ecological and social diversity and how envy and competition shape our relationship to academic work. 

Dr Alex Lenferna works as South African Climate Justice Campaigner for 350.org. He is is a climate justice activist w​ho is also the​ co-founder and secretary of the Climate Justice Coalition – a coalition of South African trade unions, civil society, grassroots, and community-based organisations.​ ​He is a former Fulbright and Mandela Rhodes Scholar, who recently completed a PhD on climate ethics at the University of Washington. He has written and researched widely on climate justice and his work is available at alexlenferna.wordpress.com. Alex has served in a number of climate justice advocacy roles within organized labor, student, and grassroots climate justice organizing. He is a first generation South African whose family hails from the small island nation of Mauritius

Dr ​Zoe Nhleko is a wildlife ecologist with ​who focuses on ​climate and poaching o​f​ African large mammals​. Her research is investigating the effects of poaching on white rhino demography, behavior, physiology and spatial distribution. Her work is based in Kruger, Mokala and Marakele National Parks in South Africa. 

Professor Jill Bradbury who is associate professor of psychology at Wits University and her research is on intergenerational narratives, sociohistorical theories of personhood, the transformation of higher education and the (im)possibilities of individual and social change. She is a principal investigator on the interdisciplinary research project, NEST (Narrative Enquiry for Social Transformation).

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