58. Blue

The deep colour blue: often associated with vastness, the fear of the unknown yet calming, enduring and complete. Continuing from the last episode where we explored the colour Green, our three academic citizens help us explore and expand our understanding behind the symbolism of the colour blue.

Dr Meghan Judge is an animator, researcher, visual artist, musician and composer.  Her research is of a transdiciplinary nature by using art and earth science as a form of exploring fluidity between epistemological disobedience and power. Her experimental driven pieces explore links between animations, installations and sound. She has recently developed a sonic sensory palette for inquiring into and understanding human-ocean relations outside of anthropocentric determinacies. 

Professor Aliza le Roux is a zoologist and behavourial ecologist who studies how animals respond to risks and opportunities in the environment. She is Associate Professor in the UFS Department of Zoology and Entomology and currently leads the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences on the Qwaqwa Campus as Assistant Dean.  Her research includes acoustic communication in montane areas, and the cognitive ecology of small carnivores and primates.

Zayaan Khan is an interdisciplinary artist and PhD candidate at the the Environmental Humanities South, University of Cape Town. Her art and research explores seeds, land and food from a multidisciplinary perspective, forwarding sociopolitical, ecological and spiritual political perspective.

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