26: Why Basic Education Matters

Parliamentary Liaison Officer for Equal Education, Andile Cele, joins the podcast to highlight the importance of primary and secondary education in the transformation of the higher education sector.

Problems stemming from access and resources, to racial and socio-economic differences define the space of education and the experience of the learner. Cele explains how this creates academic challenges, financial difficulties or total barriers to entry in higher learning.

We also chat to some students about their opinions of the biggest challenges faced by young people pursuing an education in South Africa and why basic education is important.

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Also read: Equal Education’s submission to the Commission of Inquiry into Higher Education and Training


Photo credit: Equal Education

One response to “26: Why Basic Education Matters”

  1. We additionally visit to a few understudies about their sentiments of the greatest difficulties confronted by youngsters seeking after a training in South Africa and why fundamental instruction is critical.


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