40: Gender Gap in Institutions of Higher Education

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Photo Cred: Beth Tate

One of the most significant worldwide transformations in education has been the drastic increase in women’s access to institutions of higher learning. But the question is, has this addressed the gender gap in institutions of higher learning in South Africa?

In this episode, Dr Nosipho Mngomezulu and Dr Asanda Benya look into factors which influence the Gender Gap. They also reflect on why it is important to take gender concerns into account and how institutions of higher education can respond to the gap.

Selected publications by Dr Benya:

Benya, Asanda. 2015, South Africa’s 21 Years of Democracy: Reflections on Living Conditions in Marikana.

Benya, Asanda. 2015. “Marikana: The Absence of Justice, Dignity and Freedom?”.  Rodriguez-Garavito, C. Human Rights in Minefields: Extractive Economies, Environmental Conflicts and Social Justice in the Global South. Dejusticia Series. Ediciones Antropos, Bogota, Colombia

Benya, Asanda. Forthcoming (2015). “The Invisible Hands: Women in Marikana”, Review of African Political Economy

Benya, Asanda. 2013, “Gendered Labour: A Challenge to Labour as a Democratizing Force,” Rethinking Development and Inequality, Vol. 2, Special Issue, (47-62)

Special thanks to:

VOW FM for allowing us to use their studios to record this episode.

Produced, Researched, Scheduled and edited by:

Simbarashe Honde

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